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Education Council consists of representatives from all Faculty Societies (FacSocs), Guild Departments and an elected Education Council Committee, providing a forum to address issues affecting students across campus, and off campus, at both a local and a national level.

Education Council consists of the Presidents and Education Vice-Presidents of all of the Faculty Societies (FacSocs), Guild Department representatives, and an elected Education Council Committee, chaired by the Education Council President.

This is a forum to address issues affecting students across campus, and off campus, at both a local and national level, and a place where representatives from all Faculties at UWA come together to collaborate on education issues and share their skills with each other. FacSoc representatives receive training, funding and support from the Guild, and in turn give the students of their Faculty a voice on education issues.

Ed Council also oversees the lobbying of Faculties, the University, and State and Federal Governments to give students a voice on their education issues. Campaigns are run on campus through the Education Action Network (EAN): a group for all UWA students who care about their education and want to be informed on both local and national issues relating to Higher Education; and for getting involved in improving the education we receive at UWA. All UWA students are welcome, so if you’re interested in getting involved in education advocacy, join the EAN!

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Education Council Committee 2024

Position Name Contact
President Akshata Jois [email protected]
Vice-President Reeva Khandelwal [email protected]
Treasurer Louis Bird [email protected]
Secretary Keertikka P Ganesan [email protected]
Ordinary Committee Members Ritika Menon
Ordinary Committee Members Finn Penter

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Akshata Jois

Head of Department

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