A little bit about the Committee

The role of the Strategic Resources Committee is to oversee the way in which resources are used by the Guild in both an operational and strategic level.

They are responsible for developing and managing a provisional budget to be proposed to the Guild Council Budget Meeting in December of each year, and to undertake a mid-year review of the Guild budget in July.

The Committee controls and manages the buildings occupied or controlled by the Guild, while also controlling and managing the commercial operations including Guild Catering outlets and the Tavern. It also pursues strategies to reduce reliance on income received through the University and manages the safekeeping and collection procedures of the Guild Art Collection.


The membership of the Strategic Resources committee consists of:

  • Indi Creed (Guild President and Chair of the Executive Management Committee)
  • James Hodgman (Guild Vice-President)
  • Nikki Talluri (General Secretary)
  • Jelena Kovacevic (Chair of Guild Council)
  • Christopher-John Daudu (Postgraduate Students' Association President)
  • Aidan Kirby-Smith (Ordinary Guild Councillor)
  • Keertikka P Ganesan (Ordinary Guild Councillor)

Guild Staff sitting on the committee include:

  • Tony Goodman (Managing Director and Executive Officer of the Strategic Resources Committee)
  • Mutya Maraginot-Joseph (Associate Director - Finance)
  • Jack Spagnuolo (Associate Director – Commercial)