The role of the Guild's Audit & Risk Committee is to assist the Guild President and Executive Team, alongside senior staff of the Guild, in their decision-making by providing a perspective based on experience and knowledge from outside the university system.  The Committee is able to ask questions regarding the management of the organisation and provide feedback, while having an understanding of the role of the Guild and the relationships within the University.


The membership of the Guild Audit & Risk Committee consists of:

  • Indi Creed (Guild President)
  • James Hodgman (Guild Vice-President)
  • Nikhita Talluri (Guild General Secretary)

 Staff sitting on the committee include:

  • Tony Goodman (Managing Director)
  • Mutya Maraginot-Joseph (Associate Director - Finance)

 External Members:  

  • Phillip Kemp (Guild Alumni & Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee)
  • Jacquie Baker (Guild Alumni)
  • Hamish Johnston (Guild Alumni)
  • Lynsey Warbey (Guild Alumni)