Welcome to the UWA Slavic Society! We are a cultural and social club at the University of Western Australia that aims to honour Slavic culture and connect students with their heritage. Come say hi! :)

Established in 2019, the club has been actively organizing various events and initiatives to promote Slavic traditions and foster a sense of belonging among students!

The main aims and objectives of the UWA Slavic Society are as follows:

•To celebrate and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Slavic countries

•To provide a platform for students to connect with their roots and explore Slavic traditions, language, and history

•To foster a welcoming and inclusive community for Slavic students and those interested in Slavic culture

•To organize cultural events, workshops, and social gatherings that promote awareness and appreciation of Slavic traditions

The Committee

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Maya Poznovia


Contact me for any help!
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Dempsey McLean


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Jason Rustandi


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Toni Pavelic