Do you like watching people be funny with little to no preparation?

Have you ever thought “Man, I wish that funny game show from the mid-2000s was available in a live format near me, maybe at my local university tavern”?

Well, weary traveller, in collaboration with the UWA PAC Fringe Festival, PantoSoc is planning a loving (yet legally-distinct) tribute and to 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'

So come down to UWAs premiere comedy destination, the Tav, and watch funny people do funny things for your entertainment!

Ticekts available here.

We encourage you to submit scenario and character suggestions here: Audience Submission Form

And remember - we love when you yell at us* :)

*Note: Trauma counsellors will be available on request for any and all instances of audience interaction.

Event Dates

From To  
2nd Sep 2020 @ 6:00pm 2nd Sep 2020 @ 7:00pm Add to your calendar