Bring your hard thinking caps and spice up your lunch with some hot facts on the problem with Natural Gas in WA!

Because lets get real, Western Australia is a pretty hot state, but just how hot is the Natural Gas industry?

Well, there's certainly a lot of gas! Currently, Natural Gas accounts for 27% of Western Australia's CO2 emissions, and the rest of the world seems to think its pretty hot too, with WA making up 14% of global Natural Gas exports*.

For a world that needs to urgently limit the effects of climate change, these emissions are very high, and so the question is, when will the need for Natural Gas burn out?

All levels of knowledge are welcome, and in case you're wondering where we source ours from:
The information presented has been collected from reports published by independent scientific initiatives such as Climate Analytics and Clean State, as well as from IPCC reports, and talking to climate scientists directly.


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