The main purpose of this event is to maintain member retention after Oday. It will be as accessible as possible, and the idea is to try and get as many new members as possible to join the ride, providing them with an opportunity to meet other members, get comfortable with our group rides and just integrate overall with what our club has to offer and our community. This event will ideally allow members to become more involved with what we have to offer, boosting attendance to future group rides.

The ride will begin at UWA, proceeding through the bike path along Mounts Bay Road. The group will ride all the way to Elizabeth Quay, where some light riding/sightseeing can be done. Afterwards, the group will return back to UWA along that same path. The ride is around 9.2km return, which is an ideal length for this sort of ride. It is long enough to remain engaging and interesting, while being short enough to allow access to as many members as possible. The shorter length of this ride should allow human powered rideables and lower specced e-rideables with less range to also join in without any struggle. 

As mentioned above, allowing as many members to attend as possible is the key focus for this event, so all legal e-rideables are welcome, as are all human powered rideables.  

Event Dates

From To  
20th Mar 2023 @ 5:30pm 20th Mar 2023 @ 8:30pm Add to your calendar

Event Details

UWA / Mounts Bay Road / Elizabeth Quay