Join the University Computer Club (UCC) online for a series of six talks presented by Timothy Chapman on how to streamline your documents. 

Tim is a third year student at UWA undertaking a double major in Mathematics and Statistics and Molecular Biology, and is current Vice-President of UCC. In 2019, he was accepted for a vacation scholarship with AMSI, the Australian Mathemetics Statistics Institute, which you can read more about here:

The six talks will be: 

⒈ Modal editing, 25th Jun, 6PM (Thursday)

Do you edit text like a normal person? You can do better than that! Modal editing allows you to delete a paragraph with two keystrokes, and much more. Come along and see what you're missing out on. Consider installing vi/vim to follow along. There's a download page right from the early 2000s at

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⒉ Git Good 2nd Jul, 6PM (Thursday)

Track changes in word is cool right? Well, imagine putting it on steroids … twice over! Git is to track changes what a Ferrari is to a horse and cart. Try to find someone who doesn't think learning this is a good idea: you won't be able to. Drop in and get an intro to this Version Control System; to follow along take a look at

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⒊ Emacs Evangalism 7th Jul, 6PM (Tuesday)

A 40 year old editor, really‽ Well… there's a reason that people still use this. Emacs is interesting because it provides unparalelled flexibility (which is why it's still around IMO). It also has a few 'killer apps' which I'll be talking about later. I'll be providing an intoduction to this using a nice config base Doom Emacs, it takes a bit of effort to install if you're interested take a look here:

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⒋ Lucious LaTeX 14th Jul, 6PM (Tuesday)

Have you ever had Word crash on you? Corrupt a document? Or even just be a pain to work with? LaTeX is one possible solution to this, which is way harder to get into, a a lot more verbose. However, LaTeX also offers a number of compelling advantages.… There's a reason why ~90% of Maths/Phys/Eng/Comp Sci papers are produced with this. Find out more at this talk!

Get a copy (warning: can be up to 4gb) from:

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⒌ Outstanding Org-mode 21st Jul, 6PM (Tuesday)

What would happen if LaTeX, Markdown, Jupyter/R Notebooks and Emacs had a baby? You'd get Org-mode, which I think I can seriously call the best of all worlds. Am I infatuated with it? Yes. Find out why by coming to this talk (just needs Emacs)

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6. Wonderful Workflow + common use cases + Q&A 28th Jul, 6PM (Tuesday)

I talk about I've got the most out of these tools, and how to use them to make your reports and projects just a little nicer to work on. Give me all your questions too!

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