Hi everyone!


We’re back again with one of our amazing cruises, this time heading for some delicious pizza. We’ll be meeting at the business school carpark for a catch up before making our way along the river to the South Perth foreshore (and there’ll be a cheeky tunnel run in the mix too!). There we’ll grab some dinner together, some delicious (and affordable) pizza! And if that doesn’t do it for you there is also a kebab shop next door.


Everyone is welcome. Feel free to get your mates to join in on the cruise. Alternatively, if you don’t have a car don’t fret, there’s always a member there to give a ride. So come on down for some great food and good vibes.



For new students looking to join:

Membership costs $5 with a Guild sticker ($7 for non-Guild members)


‘UCAS’ decals are available in 10cm and 15cm sizes, $5 each

‘UCAS’ membership tags are $7 each

‘UCAS’ T-shirts are $35 each



Dangerous behaviour at any event will result in an immediate ban from the club and details

may even be submitted to the police.

No hooning, excessive noise, burnouts, or tire chirps.

Please always keep ADEQUATE stopping distance and drive appropriately for road


We do not encourage speeding. All UCAS events are run within road speed limits.

All drivers must carry a valid driver’s license when in control of a motor vehicle.

Event Dates

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7th Sep 2023 @ 6:00pm 7th Sep 2023 @ 7:30pm Add to your calendar
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UWA Business School Carpark