Hi everyone!

It is time to break out the popcorn and settle into the comfiest pillows you have because UCAS is going to the drive-in cinemas! Come with us as we attend a viewing of the great film (YTD).

We will be meeting at the UWA business school car park at 6pm and later heading off to the Galaxy Drive-in Theatre in Kingsley for the movie to start at 7:30. Entry is just $11 per person so bring along some cash with you. Everyone is welcome! If you don’t have a ride or want some extra company during the movie then there is always a member with a free seat willing to give a ride-along. This is sure to be a fun one so be sure to come along!

For new students looking to join: 

- Membership costs $5 with a Guild sticker ($7 for non-Guild members) 

- ‘UCAS’ decals are available in 10cm and 15cm sizes, $5 each 

- ‘UCAS’ membership tags are $7 each 

- ‘UCAS’ T-shirts are $35 each 

- We are now accepting CASH AND CARD payments! 

Club Rules: 

- Any dangerous behaviour at any event will result in an immediate ban from the club and details may even be submitted to the police. 

- No hooning, excessive noise, burnouts, or chirps. 

- Please always keep ADEQUATE stopping distance and drive appropriately for road conditions. 

- We do not encourage speeding. All crusies are run at the road speed limit. 

- All drivers must carry a valid driver’s licence when in control of a motor vehicle.

Event Dates

From To  
19th Mar 2022 @ 6:00pm 19th Mar 2022 @ 9:00pm Add to your calendar

Event Details

UWA Business School / 157 Goollelal Dr Kingsley WA 6026