Build an Internet from the Ground Up

In 50 years, the Internet has gone from a connection between a handful of computers in the US, to an everyday part of life for billions of people. But the "core" of the internet, the domain of Internet Service Providers and multinational companies, remains fairly unknown. Just how is it that data gets from your phone at UWA to Google in Sydney, or from your home router in Mt Lawley to a Minecraft server in Los Angeles?

Join us for a series of workshops as we build a small scale-model of the Internet in the clubroom, complete with its own ISPs, domain names and "UCC wide web". Along the way, we'll explore the technologies and protocols that make the Internet what it is today, from the more visible -- like HTTP and DNS -- to the more specialized but no less important -- like SMTP and BGP

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20th Apr 2023 @ 4:30pm 20th Apr 2023 @ 7:30pm Add to your calendar

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Cameron Hall Loft