Have YOU got what it takes to be a SCIENCE UNION FRESHER REP for 2022?! Are YOU:
✅ A first-year 🥳
✅ Enrolled in a science unit🧪

And you’re keen to get involved with:
☑ SOCIAL events, including pubcrawls, quiz nights, and our annual ball🥂
☑ EDUCATION events, including study nights and outreach workshops🥸
☑ EXTERNALS events, including careers nights and industry networking events🙋‍♀️
☑ WELFARE events, including mental health workshops, volunteering, and clothes drives💛🖤

Then do we have the club for you! As a 2022 fresher rep, you will get the chance to help run events in all of these portfolios, make a whole bunch of friends and have a blast doing it! 🤩

Event Dates

From To  
24th Mar 2023 @ 11:00am 24th Mar 2023 @ 1:00pm Add to your calendar

Event Details

Physiology Lawn