You thought that Communism was great? Try FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY COMMUNISM. IN SPACE. AND IT'S GAY!

The Pride Department Quiz Night is back yet again, and this time the quiz night will take you through a deep exploration of what interplanetary gay communism will look like at it's best*.

It's time to slip on your best space suit, because we're gonna blast you into a night of space luxury! And while we believe that everyone is equal, we will be rewarding teams for demonstrating the contrary 


WHEN? 7pm-10pm

COST? Only $5- the cheapest quiz night on campus!

Gather a posse of critical thinkers and rocket scientists (max 8 to a table) or join a table when you arrive!

Better get your ticket quick, ‘cause while everyone deserves to experience a night that one of the Pride Officers still fails to completely understand, seats on our ship our limited! 

*Warning: May not be an actual or accurate representation of what gay communism would look like in space. We're a pride department, not fortune tellers.

Event Dates

From To  
1st Apr 2021 @ 7:00pm 1st Apr 2021 @ 10:00pm Add to your calendar