Attendees will be provided with paints, paintbrushes and miniatures to paint, where we will sit and paint them.
The event is intended to allow members a moment to relax, and let out any creative energy they have.

This event is also Day 0 of our Miniature Painting Competition, details as below:

Entry will be $5, and each entrant will have full artistic liberty to go feral with a fairy cat miniature. There'll be winners for Best Technical Skill, Most Creative, and Judge's Favourite Lil' Guy - and everyone will be able to take home their mini after the competition as well. The Competition will start on Monday 15th January, with a Day 0 Painting Day held in the clubroom during the day - at which entrants will be able to both pay their entry fee and collect their miniature and start painting.Entrants will have 3 weeks to work on their lil' guys, with complete submissions to be handed in by Monday 5th February 8pm.

Event Dates

From To  
15th Jan 2024 @ 11:00am 15th Jan 2024 @ 4:30pm Add to your calendar

Event Details

Cameron Hall Loft / Unigames