In this workshop series we take you on an interactive journey from Python newbie, to a full blown snake-charmer . Never coded before? We'd love to have you! Our goal with these workshops is to give you a solid overview of the Python ecosystem, as well as give you a good foundation in base Python and numerical computation packages within Python.In this workshop (pt 1) we'll be looking at the Python ecosystem from a macro view and discuss why Python is loved by the scientific community. Then we'll dive into using Jupyter Notebook to work with base Python data types, operators, and logic flow. We'll also briefly look at some small packages, however the main focus of this workshop is to get a grasp on base Python. Already done an intro to Python unit? This workshop will reinforce a lot of what you've covered, with some new nuggets of information relevant to scientific Python.Oh, and did I mention FREE PIZZA??? I probably should have led with that to be honest  

4 Aug from 4pm-6pm
Free pizza! 

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4th Aug 2022 @ 4:00pm 4th Aug 2022 @ 6:00pm Add to your calendar
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EZONECENT: [ 207] Giumelli Learning Studio 2