We plan to have two muslim speakers give a lecture on the following topics:

● “How did Islam emancipate women during pre-Islamic
medieval Arabia?”
● “ Leadership in Muslim Women: The forefront of modern

The main purpose of this event is to highlight the rights of Muslim Women and to answer questions debunking various stereotype and misconceptions associated with them. This interactive lecture will run from 11-1pm. 

Our speakers will be Shameema Kolia, the President of The Muslim Women's Support Centre Of WA and Sumayyah Ahmed, an Instructor at Curtin University.

We will also be holding a workshop from 2-4pm at the same location. This will be run by current MSA committee members.

The title of our workshop is:

“Between secularism & religion; how to draw the middle line through history”

We will have attendees do impromptu research on unsung champions of leadership/
community contribution / society paradigm shifts among Muslim Women I.e
● Fatima al-Fihri founder (859) of University of al-Qarawiyyin in Fez,Morroco
● Maryam Al- Ijliya Al- Astrulabi
● Umm al-Kiram Karimah bint Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Hatim
● Fatimah al-Samarqandiyyah
● Fatima binti Yahya
● Fatimah bint Sa’d al-Khayr
● Fatima al- Bataihiyyah

Attendee's will be presenting their research at the end of the workshop.

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27th Aug 2020 @ 11:00am 27th Aug 2020 @ 4:00pm Add to your calendar
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Murdoch Lecture Theatre