Join us at the HKSS Meet and Greet - the ultimate social bash for Hong Kong students! 🇭🇰✨

The event is typically held at the beginning of the academic year and serves as a warm welcome for new members while bringing together existing members.

During the Meet and Greet, attendees can interact and connect with fellow students who have ties to Hong Kong. The event aims to create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere where individuals can share their experiences, culture, and interests, facilitating the formation of friendships and support networks.

Apart from socializing, the event often includes various fun activities, games, and icebreakers to break the ice and make everyone feel comfortable. These activities promote bonding and encourage participation and interaction among attendees.

Food is crucial in fostering a sense of community and creating a memorable experience. The Meet and Greet usually feature a spread of delicious Hong Kong cuisine, including traditional dishes this culinary aspect allows attendees to savour familiar flavours from their homeland or experience the unique tastes of Hong Kong for the first time.

Let's celebrate our culture and create lasting connections! Don't miss out!

Event Dates

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4th Aug 2023 @ 6:30pm 4th Aug 2023 @ 8:30pm Add to your calendar
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Event Details

EZONECENT[206] Giumelli Learning Studio 1, EZONECENT[207] Giumelli Learning Studio 2