Aspiring scientists and health professionals of the future,

HSS present our inaugural Panel Night, being held on the 29th of July from 6pm.

Have you ever been curious about the vast range of health professions and industries that your degree can lead you towards? Wondered what really makes up 'biomedicine'? We’ve got the answers for you!!

We have assembled a wide range of WA’s leading health and medical professionals to share their stories through a panel discussion on the night. Our esteemed speakers will cover a lot of ground, from various aspects of the biomedical sphere that you mightn’t have even heard about before!

This Panel Night will feature key speakers from a range of disciplines such as:
And so many more!!

Come along to LEARN about:
- What it takes to thrive in these professions
- What you can do to get there
- What life is like in the complex world of biomedicine!

There will also be NETWORKING opportunities at the conclusion of the event, not only with the panelists, but also a range of other health professionals.

Event Dates

From To  
29th Jul 2020 @ 6:00pm 29th Jul 2020 @ 8:00pm Add to your calendar

Event Details

Bayliss Building