This event is an introduction to philosophical topics
On 3rd September, UPhilSoc will be running its first Community of Inquiry (COI) event. A COI is a non-adversarial dialogue that works towards a shared group conclusion. On the night, participants will split into small discussion groups of up to ten people and then complete a rotation circuit. By the end of the night, every group will have engaged with all three topic prompts. The prompts are as follows:
(1) Moral Relativity: We cannot apply our moral judgements to other countries.
(2) Political Philosophy: People should never break the law.
(3) Logic: Since science does not prove its conclusions, we cannot trust it.

- It will be an introduction to philosophy event (i.e. the topics discussed will not require specialist knowledge);
- There will be three topics from three big philosophical disciplines (morality, political philosophy and induction);
- Each small group will have one topic and a facilitator that helps keep the discussion on track.
- This event will be ticketed as we are constrained by our venue size to a limit of 24 people.

Event Dates

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3rd Sep 2020 @ 5:00pm 3rd Sep 2020 @ 7:00pm Add to your calendar

Event Details

Purple Room (Reid Library)