English and Communications Major Networking Night: Celebrating Diversity in the Arts

Join us for an empowering evening of connections, inspiration, and exploration as we host the English and Communications Major Networking Night—an event dedicated to representing underrepresented majors within the arts discipline. This unique occasion aims to foster meaningful interactions between students, esteemed alumni, and industry professionals, illuminating the diverse career pathways available to graduates. Event Highlights: Diverse Representation: At the heart of this networking night lies the celebration of diversity within the arts. We have curated a vibrant mix of alumni and professionals from various backgrounds, highlighting the richness of experiences and perspectives that the arts encompass. Connecting Ambitious Minds: This event offers a platform for English and Communications majors to network, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections with seasoned professionals who have made significant strides in their careers. By bridging the gap between students and industry experts, we aim to provide new and exciting opportunities to the students we represent. Alumni Insights: Engaging with successful alumni, who were once in the same position as current students, provides invaluable guidance. Alumni will share their post-graduation journeys, offering anecdotes, tips, and advice on how they navigated the professional landscape with their degrees. Industry Professionals' Perspective: Seasoned professionals from diverse sectors within the arts will participate in the networking night. Students will gain insight into the vast array of career options available to them—ranging from traditional fields such as publishing, journalism, and content creation to newer areas also Panel Discussion: The highlight of the evening will be a thought-provoking panel discussion. Panellists will delve into the challenges and opportunities that graduates might encounter, offering a nuanced understanding of the evolving job market and the skills that employers value most. Exploring Career Paths: Our panellists will shed light on unconventional career paths, emphasizing that an English and Communications degree can lead to diverse and rewarding careers beyond the typical stereotypes. By challenging preconceived notions, we hope to empower students to pursue their passions boldly. Creating Lasting Bonds: The evening will culminate in an informal networking session, allowing attendees to mingle freely, exchange contact information, and establish a supportive network that extends beyond the event.

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12th Sep 2023 @ 4:00pm 12th Sep 2023 @ 6:00pm Add to your calendar

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