A little bit about the Committee

The UWA Student Guild endorses the UWA Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) policy to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment, equipment and systems of work for all its staff, students, contractors and visitors.


The Guild has an active WHS Committee which includes Student Representatives, Management and two staff elected as WHS Representatives (Catering and Non-Catering). Current members of the WHS Committee are:

  • Guild President – Conrad Hogg (Committee Chair)
  • Associate Director, Human Resources – Jenny Ophel (Executive Officer)
  • Associate Director, Commercial- Jack Spagnuolo
  • Managing Director – Tony Goodman
  • Guild Vice-President – Joseph Chan
  • General Secretary- Adhish Kastha
  • WHS Representative (Catering) – Irene Conway
  • WHS Representative (Non-Catering) – Kelvin Lee
  • WHS Administrator – Lauren Mocke

The Committee meets every two months to discuss any WHS issues arising out of the UWA Safety Committee meeting or the Guild itself and ensures the Guild remains compliant with legislated WHS procedures and practices. Staff and students are encouraged to raise any items of concern to the WHS Representatives for tabling at the next Committee meeting.

Further information on the election process of WHS Representatives can be found on the UWA Health & Safety website.