A little bit about the Committee

The Executive Management Committee reviews the reports and minutes from each Committee (with the exception of the Strategic Resources Committee) and prepare motions and recommendations for Guild Council where required.

These reviews ensure the effective and efficient conduct of the committee system, by reviewing committee business and the activities of any working groups created by committees.

The EMC also allows the Guild President and Executive to manage the Directors of the Guild and oversee the implementation of the Guild’s Operational Priorities Plan and deal with any management issues presented by the Directors.


The membership of the Executive Management committee consists of:

  • Bre Shanahan (Guild President and Chair of the Executive Management Committee)
  • Christopher-John Daudu (Guild Vice President)
  • Luke Thomas (Guild General Secretary)
  • Amy Hearder (Chair of Guild Council)
  • Rahul MS Kumar (PSA President)

Staff members sitting on the committee are:

  • Tony Goodman (Managing Director and Executive Officer of the Executive Management Committee)
  • Mutya Maraginot-Joseph (Finance Director)
  • Jenny Ophel (Associate Director – Human Resources)
  • Jack Spagnuolo (Associate Director – Commercial)
  • Chloe Jackson (Associate Director – Student Services) - on leave