Equity & Diversity Committee


The role of the Equity and Diversity committee is to create and review policies and/or guidelines so that students throughout campus are working in an environment that not only celebrates the advancement of equity and diversity, but represents the full diversity of the student community.

Our committee meets once a month. This is a time where committee members can voice their concerns surrounding issues caused by an individual or a group that may be acting in a discriminatory manner, and actively formulate an approach to work towards overcoming adversity caused by race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability. We want to ensure that any individual studying at UWA and participating in the events run by the Guild, can feel confident that they are doing so in a discriminatory free environment.


The membership of the committee consists of:

  • Roshni Kaila (Chair of the Equity and Diversity Committee)
  • Basundhara Dutta (Environment Officer)
  • Megan Lee (Guild President)
  • Dylan Perkins (Guild Pride Officer)
  • Fraser Windsor (Guild Pride Officer)
  • Anthea Liu (Guild ISS Director)
  • Peter Watson (Guild PSA President)
  • Jayne-Rae Whitby (WASAC President)
  • Chloe Hynes (Access Officer)
  • 2 x Ordinary Committee Members (to be elected):
    • Sharon Ndjibu and Tim Hebbard elected.

Staff members sitting on the committee are:

  • Jenny Ophel (Associate Director – Human Resources and Executive Officer of the Equity and Diversity Committee)
  • Tony Goodman (Managing Director)

Committee Meetings

Minutes will be uploaded to this page as they become available.


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