Catering and Tavern Committee


The Catering and Tavern Committee aims to improve the food and drinks on campus. We meet monthly to discuss possible new food option items, and to constantly review the existing services that are provided for students. We also monitor, regulate and co-ordinate the services and functions of every single catering outlet on campus. These include The Refectory, Village Café, Hackett Café, Catalyst   Café, Quobba Gnarning Café as well as food trucks .


The membership of the committee consists of:

    • Jim Leipold (Guild Treasurer and Chair of the Catering and Tavern Committee)
    • Megan Lee (Guild President)
    • Yanija Song (Ordinary Guild Councillor)
    • Anthea Liu (Ordinary Guild Councillor)
    • Raaghav Raj (Ordinary Guild Councillor)
    • 3 x Ordinary Committee Members (to be elected):
      • Isaac Ng and Michael Barblett elected (third position not filled)

Staff sitting on the committee include:

  • Jack Spagnuolo (Associate Director – Commercial and   Executive Officer of the Catering and Tavern Committee)
  • Rodney Taylor (Catering Retail Manager)
  • Hayden Greenham (Tavern Manager)
  • Barbara Buxmann(Catering Retail Manager)
  • Andrew Callander (Executive Chef)

Standing invitees include:

  • Irene Conway (Senior Supervisor – Catering Outlets)
  • Fernanda Leme (Special Projects Officer – Catering)
  • Danielle Browne (Engagement Manager)

Committee Meetings

Minutes will be uploaded to this page as they become available.


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