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It might seem like a long way off, but it is worth thinking about how you develop your thesis and what you will be doing with it.

The Graduate Research School has information on the process for submitting your thesis.


Many postgraduates choose to employ an editor to review their thesis prior to submission. An editor can ensure that your content is free of ambiguity, grammatical errors and that the presentation makes sense. While the PSA does not recommend any editors in particular your supervisors can recommend whether employing an editor is a good idea and whether there is a preferred editor for your discipline area.

Digital Theses Repository

UWA’s Digital Theses Repository is part of the Australian Digital Theses (ADT) Program, which aims to provide a national database of digitised theses.

All higher degree research students who commenced their research after January 2003 are required to submit an electronic version of their completed thesis to the library. However, students who commenced prior to 2003 may still lodge their thesis with the library.

The UWA Library addresses important issues such as the status of a thesis in terms of prior publication and the implications for copyright, and provides a number of useful links which explore these issues in detail.

Students can choose to limit access to their work so that it is only accessible to UWA staff and students, or inaccessible to everyone, for a specified period of time. If you feel that you should restrict access to your thesis, please contact the Graduate Research School.


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