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Friday 22 February 2019, 11am-3.30pm

Save the date for the biggest student event at UWA! Whether it’s your first year, last year or something in between, come down to ODAY to dive into student life and get ready for your best year yet.

ODAY is every UWA student’s opportunity to…

► Activate FREE Guild membership for  year-round discounts
► Grab a free showbag with heaps of vouchers and samples
► Join a club (or two, or ten – there are 150+ to choose from)
► Find volunteer roles
► Enjoy games, rides, food trucks, giveaways and more!

ODAY is a drug, smoke and alcohol-free, all ages event.

Stall holder registrations are now open

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UWA O-Day 2016-94
UWA O-Day 2016-74


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