Cruickshank-Routley Memorial Prize Award Nominations Now Open

This prize was established by the UWA Guild of Undergraduates in 1955 to acknowledge their high regard for the work of Ian Cruickshank and George Routley. Both students were final year law students who died tragically in a car accident whilst travelling through Kings Park.

At the time of their deaths the two popular and dedicated students were actively involved in Guild affairs – Ian being Secretary of the Guild, whilst George was President of the Blackstone Society. It was a sudden and shocking loss to the whole university community.

In their memory the Guild established the Cruickshank-Routley Memorial Prize, which recognises a student who has made the greatest contribution to life and activities on campus. The criteria for the award lists attributes such as leadership, moral character and an interest in fellow students. Their efforts should be particularly related to the UWA Student Guild together with its associated Councils, Clubs and Societies.

The prize has been awarded annually since 1955 and for many years it was the only prize offered to students by the Guild. In July 1983 an inaugural Cruickshank-Routley Memorial Prize Dinner was held and this represented the beginnings of the wonderful Guild Ball now held in October each year. This award acknowledges the very valuable and selfless contributions the recipient has made towards promotion of the Guild and its important role on campus.

Nomination information for the 2018 Cruickshank-Routley Memorial Prize

Nominations must be submitted to by the submission deadline – Friday 12th of October, 5pm.

Posted on September 21, 2018


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