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DAMSEL | Letter to My Past Self

Written by Selina Bell   Like and follow us  on Facebook! |  Become a Damsel contributor

DAMSEL | Parenting Guide

Art by Selina Bell   Like and follow us  on Facebook! |  Become a Damsel contributor

DAMSEL | Glossary

Ableism The pervasive system of discriminatory and exclusionary practices, beliefs, social relations and phenomena that work to reproduce a hierarchy based upon able-bodiedness, neurotypicism and mental health, and oppress people who have physical, sensory, or mental disabilities, or mental illnesses. AFAB/AMAB Acronyms that stand for ‘Assigned Female at Birth’ and ‘Assigned Male at Birth’. Allyship […]

DAMSEL | Review – Dear White People (TV Show)

The following content could be distressing to readers. Damsel advises discretion and would like to provide a content warning for anti-blackness, racial slurs, biphobia, and the q slur. Dear White People is the witty satirical comedy series based on the 2014 film of the same name, both directed and written by Justin Simien. It follows […]

DAMSEL | Pronoun Particularity

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DAMSEL | Self Love Club

Art by Emily Phillimore   Like and follow us  on Facebook! |  Become a Damsel contributor

DAMSEL | IdentityX

‘So how’s uni going?’ 730 days. Almost every one of them, I’ve seen almost everyone form that same, inevitable inquiry on their mouths. And yes, I mean to write ‘seen’. I’ve been asked this far too many times that honestly I don’t hear it anymore and just cue the fines, oks and, on special occasions, […]

DAMSEL | An Examination of Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump. Her name itself is enough to conjure up feelings of anger, frustration, an eye roll, even. The self-proclaimed ‘successful’ business woman, ex-model and owner of her own clothing empire is a mother of three and married to a real estate giant, Jared Kushner, both of whom are part of the US President’s family […]

Damsel – Hypatia review

Hypatia is the powerful story of a brilliant woman, her place in history somewhat brushed aside and overlooked. Hypatia of Alexandria was a Greek philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, inventor and educator, who imparted great knowledge upon her students. She was beaten to death by religious zealots for supposedly enticing a feud between the prefect and bishop […]

Damsel – Pasta e Insalata Review

Praise be to the Guild for putting Pasta e Insalata in the Ref. With prices starting as low as $7.80 (with a cheeky Guild discount), there is nothing they can do wrong. You are given a choice of spaghetti or penne pasta to go with a range of delicious sauces. I do recommend the simple […]


Coming back to UWA this year? There's just a few days left to re-enrol! Make sure you've re-enrolled via studentConnect by next Saturday 20 January or you'll get a $200 late fee - ouch. Once you've r...
1 Jan

Resolved to get involved in more at uni this year? We're looking for keen beans to take on a few important roles right now! ► Help create our satirical newspaper, PROSH UWA, to raise thousands of ...
1 Jan