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DAMSEL | Fighting Sexual Assault on Campus: An Update with Megan Lee and Roshni Kaila

In 2017, The Australian Human Rights Commission released the Change the Course report on sexual assault and harassment at Australian Universities. The report surveyed 30930 students at 39 universities, of which 1 in 5 had experienced sexual harassment in a university setting in 2016. UWA results found that 28% of students experienced sexual harassment, and […]

DAMSEL | The History of Pride and Why the Commercialisation of Pride Matters

Pride is a month to celebrate being LGBT+, and the achievements of the community, past and present. This June, Damsel wants to remember the history of Pride, and those who shaped it, through protests, violence and continual activism, and remind everyone that no company should profit off of that.


Black Panther. You’ve probably heard about the latest Marvel box office phenomenon. A Marvel movie becoming a box office smash is not a huge feat, but a movie with a majority black cast being such a universal hit? That’s revolutionary. After just a month, it became the highest grossing superhero (not just Marvel) movie in […]

DAMSEL | Review: Kylie Wu’s web-comic Trans Girl Next Door

Being a trans girl can be a serious struggle these days. We struggle with politicians, doctors, peers, mirrors and, far too often, one another. With all this turmoil, we can’t really be blamed for becoming a little cynical; that’s why artists who discuss trans issues with a sense of humor are so precious. This is […]

DAMSEL | The Scars of Patriarchy

A short story by Husna Farooq The following content could be distressing to readers. Damsel advises discretion and would like to provide a content warning for sexual assault, violence towards women and misogyny. I lean back in the chair, trying to relax. Tapping my foot nervously, I look around to distract myself. The small waiting […]

DAMSEL | Review: The Good Place – Morality, Mortality and the Modern Sitcom

It can be difficult trying to make moral philosophy, mortality, and the concept of the afterlife a humorous and light-hearted affair, but somehow The Good Place manages to do just that. The NBC show, which is also available on Netflix, just finished airing its second season on the 1st of February, and a third season […]

DAMSEL | Fringe Festival Review: Minus One Sister

The kind of production where you find yourself gritting your teeth so hard you leave with a tired jaw, Minus One Sister was an incredibly painful, uncomfortable, and emotionally evocative experience – and one that no amount of praise will do justice. The writing and timing of the show was precise in the extreme – […]

DAMSEL | Mirror mirror on the wall, we aren’t so green after all

Our world is in trouble and it reflects our society’s views and attitudes. Are our expectations too high? We must ask ourselves what we can do for our world. Earl Nightingale once said, “our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations”. Sadly, our environment is […]

DAMSEL | 10 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands

Why choose eco-friendly makeup brands? Conventional beauty brands rely on a host of ingredients and chemicals that are not only bad for your skin, but are also harmful for the environment. Usually these ingredients are petroleum, lead, and aluminium based, all of which require extensive mining. Many brands are still not cruelty free or vegan […]

DAMSEL | We Need to Talk About Sport

cw: gendered slurs, sexual harassment, binge drinking, sexual assault, rape culture We need to talk about misogyny in sport, we need to talk about violence and aggression towards women off the field and we need to talk about sports clubs that continue to perpetuate the cycle of violence. I’ve been verbally abused, called a “slut” […]


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1 Jan

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1 Jan