BPhil Union, so you want to be a FacSoc?

The Bachelor of Philosophy Union have applied to become a Faculty Society. You can find their proposal here and this has been unanimously supported by the other Faculty Societies, and has been informally supported by many members of Guild Council.

What this means is that the society will change from being affiliated to the Societies Council, and become formally affiliated to the Education Council, where it will become a voting member, and receive funding. Over the past four years, BPhil Union has been a standing invitee of the council, and made valuable contributions to student representation.

The main reasons that BPhil Union are looking to become a Faculty Society is to formalise their representation. The BPhil program has recently grown significantly larger, and the students are not enrolled within a Faculty, and as such it is appropriate that they are represented separately.

Agree? Disagree? Have your say here.

All the best

Lincoln Aspinall

Education Council President


Posted on April 29, 2019


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1 Jan

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