You have the right to request a review of your mark in an assessment or unit, or of a decision that has been made by the University regarding your study.

If you believe you may have grounds to request a review, the Guild’s Student Assist Officers can help you navigate the review process smoothly.

There are four categories for reviews and appeals:

  • Assessment Outcome
  • Final Grade/Mark
  • Progress Status
  • Academic Decision

You must lodge your request for a review within 5 University working days of receipt of results or an academic decision (or within 20 University working days from release of progress status).

What to do if you want to request a review

  1. Informally discuss your concerns with the relevant unit coordinator or staff member if possible (keeping in mind the five day deadline). If you do not receive a prompt response or are unhappy with the response, do not delay lodging your request for a review.
  2. Read the University Policy on Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions relating to students. Schedule A (found in section 1.5 of the Policy) lays out the grounds upon which you can request a review.
  1. Identify which type of review you would like to request and fill out the appropriate Review Stage 1 form (see Guidance On How To Complete A Review Or Appeal Form).
  2. Send the completed form via your student e-mail to the relevant faculty office.

What happens next

You will be notified of the outcome within the timeframe specified in Schedule A of the University Policy on Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions relating to students (see 1.5).

If you are unhappy with the outcome from Review Stage 1 then you can request to progress to a Review Stage 2, based on grounds outlined in Schedule A  of the Policy (see 1.5).

Finally, if you are unhappy with the outcome from Review Stage 2 then you can request to progress to an Appeal, based on grounds outlined in Schedule B of the Policy.

Note that for Progress Status there is no Review Stage 2: if you are unhappy with the result from Review Stage 1 you then go directly to an Appeal.

More information

All relevant forms, flowcharts and the Policy can be found on the University website.

If you need help

The review and appeal process can be confusing, so don’t hesitate to contact a Student Assist Officer if you need help at any stage of the process. They help students with this on a regular basis. The practical ways they can support you include:

  • Helping you understand the Review and Appeal process and figure out whether you have grounds to apply
  • Offering advice on how to produce a statement to support your application
  • Proof reading your statement to ensure that you’ve included the correct information
  • Attending meetings with you or assisting you with communicating with relevant faculty members

If you feel that you need some help in a matter like this, contact Student Assist at or via their online form.


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