Our helpful tips for Centrelink:

  • If in doubt about your eligibility for receiving student financial assistance, contact Centrelink directly to check eligibility.
  • Payments are made to the date of the form being sent to you or your date of lodgement – it’s not back-paid to the commencement of study, so aim to get your forms in as soon as possible!
  • Keep a copy of everything you lodge with Centrelink, and get receipt numbers with every interaction.
  • Tell Centrelink within 14 days if any of your circumstances change.
  • Keep Centrelink aware of any changes that may happen to your financial status whilst studying – you don’t want to receive a surprise bill for any extra payments you received whilst studying.
  • For more information and tips, check out UWA’s Guide to Dealing with Centrelink
  • You can also contact the Welfare Rights and Advocacy Service regarding Centrelink issues here.
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