My first interaction with the Guild was amidst the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown - seeking out the Guild’s welfare services. Like many students starting university, I felt unsure of my identity, especially growing up in an immigrant household, but knew I wanted to drive meaningful change. STAR, through the Guild, has allowed me to do just that.

I have been elected Guild Councillor, Chair of Guild Council, and Head of the Ethnocultural Department. In these roles, I have worked to introduce initiatives like the Op Shop, Night Markets, Venture Student Innovation Centre, and establishing the Guild as a pro-Palestine student union.

The experiences I have gained from actively working and leading in several Clubs, Departments, Council, and Executive levels of the Guild, have well-equipped me to lead our Guild with passion so that I, as Guild President next year, will be able to revitalise our campus culture and amplify your voice.

My experience with clubs throughout my time at UWA has made me realise that through the Guild, students gain more than a degree. As an international student who was trying to find their footing at university, I found that imbursing myself in our campus culture helped me grow whilst giving back to our community.

I have been involved in over five club committees, five jobs, and university programs. These experiences facilitated my growth while facing countless challenges and struggles, which is ultimately why I am running for Societies Council (SOC) President with STAR.

I would like to see a revitalised 2023 campus post-Covid-19, where students see extracurriculars as part of the whole university experience, rather than just an option. I endeavour to facilitate this for clubs with the learnings and insights I have learned so far, and to ensure committee members are equipped with the resources to service their members.

As a current Faculty Society (FacSoc) President, I know how much a student’s education can affect their university experience. I came to UWA in 2020 and only experienced a few weeks of in person learning before we went into lockdown. We are still recovering from the pandemic and so is the education system. I have been attending Education Council meetings for the past two years, advocating for changes that students want to see to make our education experience the best it can be.

I value a strong and present Student Guild that continuously advocates for consistent and quality education across every discipline. I believe that my experience on the Education Council as the President of Architecture, Landscaping & Visual Arts (ALVA) FacSoc has equipped me with knowledge to be an effective, transparent, and open-minded Education President. A STAR-led Guild will consistently advocate and represent your voice to UWA next year.

With challenges like arts degrees prices being doubled and arts majors being axed - it is imperative now, more than ever, to remind people of the importance arts and culture offers to our society, and encourage students in pursuit of those degrees that their goals and aspirations are acknowledged and valued. My passion for a vibrant campus culture and advocating for social impact has led me to run for Public Affairs Council with STAR.

In my time at university, I have met the most amazing people through clubs and events. Through my involvement with the Multicultural Students Union as Secretary and Head of Cultural, not only have I developed leadership skills but also an appreciation for our community. Moreover, the STAR team and I, as PAC President, will cultivate a vibrant university campus with a focus on developing initiatives that allow UWA students to enact tangible change within the community.

I started my journey at UWA in 2019 when covid was nowhere to be seen - I was full of excitement and eagerness to involve myself in the bustling campus culture. However, once lockdowns began, I witnessed our campus lose its liveliness as we transitioned to online learning. Since then, I was determined to bring students together and create a memorable campus life by involving myself in multiple leadership positions such as Secretary of the UWA Basketball Club and currently, President of the Korean Cultural Club.

As General Secretary, I will use the skills and devotion I have nurtured from my involvement with STAR and Guild-affiliated clubs to refine and enhance food and drink options on campus. I will also strive for a Guild that has open and transparent communication and push for better provision of resources that will enable students to excel as they prepare for the workforce.

Hi everyone! I’m your 2023 candidate for Women’s Officer with STAR.

As a progressive member of the UWA community, I’ve spoken in front of 300+ people and organised dozens of events for multicultural communities. I’ve been a Club Executive for my third year now and have hosted and spoken on radio shows and podcasts. I also led the team that won the Guild’s Most Inclusive Event for 2021. Further, I have credentials certifying me as a leader and a board director.

As the Guild’s Women’s Officer, I will implement an addition of sanitary packs for women to the welfare pantry. This, alongside a women’s sustainability campaign, advocating for a faith council in UWA and greater faith representation for women.

I look forward to invigorating change within the UWA community through the position of Women's Officer with STAR, a progressive community of students.

I have been a UWA student for two years, of which three of my semesters have been offshore, online from my home country. That experience, coupled with the role I have played in many UWA student societies and departments, has helped me form my vision as the STAR candidate for International Students’ Department (ISD) President: to uplift the community of international students by enabling them to make the best of their time away from home, fostering a holistic environment, while bridging the gap between local and non-local students.

I am currently part of ISD and the Psychology Society as Education Officer, and the International Representative for Science Union. I have also contributed to the Women’s and Welfare Departments, and work at University Hall, as a Residential Advisor, helping build a community spirit for all residents. These roles have equipped me with the skills one needs to lead ISD next year.

Like many others who moved away from their hometown for university, new beginnings and big idea can feel daunting to achieve. As an Environmental Science and Management student, I’ve realised there are many ways to be progressive with environmental change, starting with us.

Since the environment can’t speak with words, we students are its voice, we should walk the line between being proactive for our future amid a climate crisis and appealing responsibility for the present. I’ve chosen to run with an independent party like STAR as our values align and I feel supported by the community to make these big ideas less daunting.

There are many unknowns but as the future generation, as your Environment Officer, I hope to be the bridge between my peers and the environment.

With your vote, we can continue to voice for our future. Bit by bit, as a team.

Commencing my university life, I felt disappointed. Although it was revered to be the epitome of excitement, I found myself in a world where my social life was collapsing as I struggled to keep up with my assignments and mental health.

It was not until I was introduced to the Guild and its affiliated clubs late in first year that all this changed. I first came across STAR and its community through joining the Health Students' Society, Psychology Society and Ethnocultural Department. And to tell you the truth, I don't know where I would be now without the kind people I met.

I found that becoming aware of the Guild's services has been vital to not only my social life but also my mental health. And so, as your Welfare Officer, I would ensure that you and all students are aware of the Guild's current and incoming services in 2023.

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone should take part in any form of exercise whether it’s socially, competitively, or individually. Playing competitive and social sports as well as frequenting the gym have become my regular routine. My passion to advocate for student well-being through sports has led me to run for Sports Representative with STAR, an experienced team of student leaders.

My experience as the current PESA (Physical Education Students’ Association) President has enabled me to develop leadership attributes in the sporting environment, which I would love to apply campus-wide. I am proud to say that last semester, PESA won the Inter-Faculty sports tournament, coming first place.

As your Sports Representative, I aim to foster a strong working relationship with UWA Sport and introduce new traditions such as a colour run fundraiser and a swimming carnival. Next year, I will establish an active sporting culture and bring new opportunities to all.

Balancing uni life, external commitments and fitting into campus culture is a real struggle! Falling into the artificial social hierarchy we see when it comes to club culture can feel overwhelming, you end up feeling lost and wanting to join every club for the sake of it. Although I’ve realised once you do things you care about and join clubs that you feel best aligned with your interests, the Uni life gets better! With the help of STAR, I want to offer meaning and value to students so they can have a real voice through the Guild, as an OGC. The elections are only a quarter of students votes and not everyone is engaged, with STAR I hope to bridge that gap and get everyone’s values heard so that everyone’s Uni experience is memorable.

We all have our favourite reasons for coming to University each day. For some it’s the interesting units, the amazing clubs, the delicious food, or just to meet friends. For myself, as a first-year, it is all of the above. This sense of community unites us all as UWA students, which I aim to strengthen as STAR's nominee for OGC.

I want to enact meaningful change that reflects the diverse beliefs of our community. I am dedicated, reliable, and supportive, all of which will aid me in drafting policies that are for the benefit of both current and future students at UWA.

As your OGC, I aim to establish various programs and initiatives such as an annual Worlds Greatest Shave event as well as a 'Containers for REAL Change' initiative. Additionally, improvements to the Mental Health Programs at UWA are also required. These initiatives encourage a unified community by which everyone feels apart of.

It’s no secret that UWA has a reputation for being the premier school for most privileged children in our state. Coming from a broadway school, from a family where tertiary education is not the norm, it is difficult not to feel out of place among students who come from the best schools in WA. It is easy to let them speak over you in class; to feel small.

However, I am a firm believer, just like STAR, that merit should be the decider of what you achieve, and not anything else. This sentiment led me to campaign to abolish the binary Head Boy/Girl system at my high school, replaced instead with a Captain system that elected based on merit, and to advocate for change as Captain. If elected to OGC, this sentiment will continually push me to help every UWA student access all the opportunities that this institution can offer.

STAR has activism and service to communities at the forefront of our vision.

This is why, as the Access Department Co-Officer this year, we have brought Auslan classes to campus, created a disability representative position in the Wellbeing Volunteering program, and successfully demanded a long overdue accessibility audit of the university.

In 2023, I want to work closely with Marnie, from Education Council and the social services on campus to create a partnership with Charles Darwin University and have an inter-state internship program for students.

I want to advocate for and implement better hearing technology at UWA, especially fixing the existing hearing loop system and introducing FM/digital wireless technology for a better learning experience in lectures and tutorials for students who are hard of hearing.

I am eager to visualise and plan more ideas so please do not hesitate to stop and say hello if you see me around campus.

As someone who had no close family or friends here when I moved into Perth city, the welcoming environment that clubs offered certainly assisted the transition and helped ease me into campus culture.

I have family from Japan, and utilising this background, I have been involved with the Japanese Studies Society in their programs. By partaking in many international events we host, it made me realise all of the potential we have to further connect UWA students with students around the globe, more than just exchange programs.

The unification of students, of course, has no better place to begin than on our own campus itself, showcasing a unique blend of cultures from around the globe. Further globalisation of UWA, beginning with STAR as an OGC, to create an environment where all students can experience a home away from home.

Being a South-Asian woman studying in a male dominated industry, I have had my fair share of encounters with situations of sexual misconduct both personally and through stories of my peers. Throughout my time, I have come to understand that anyone can be targeted by misogynistic beliefs, leaving its survivors scarred for life.

UWA has the potential to increase preventative measures to reduce the threat of such traumatic event. I want UWA to provide its students with a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow without the looming fear or threat of perpetrators.

As a STAR OGC, I would have a platform to amplify my voice on these injustices and create real change in the lives of my peers. I want to work on programs and workshops as a part of our university studies that help teach students the severity of this issue to help prevent future problems.

Hi! I’m Doug, and I’m running to be your STAR Ordinary Guild Councillor! I’m currently studying a double major in Political Science and International Relations, and Marketing.

I bring a wealth of experience to the Guild, both inside and outside of UWA. My first year at UWA, I did nothing. I was afraid to join clubs and saw University as extremely intimidating. I believe we need to make campus culture more inviting and accessible! Over time I’ve gotten more involved with student life. I’ve served on Arts Union for 2 years and proxied to Guild Council and NUS.

Outside of UWA, I’ve been heavily involved in Youth Parliament and I’m incredibly privileged to be an elected Local Government Councillor.

I’m running with STAR because we deserve a Guild that is run by a diverse team of progressive students who have the experience and commitment to get things done.

Starting university as an offshore student brought along several difficulties. I was unaware of most of the volunteer and work opportunities that UWA offers. Cue the feeling of exclusion and deteriorating mental health. So, I started a social media page that aims to promote financial literacy.

Determined to get more involved in campus culture, I joined Enactus UWA as Marketing Officer and signed up for the Intergen Volunteer Program as well as Social Media for Good with Guild Volunteering.

I am passionate about making UWA a safer space for women and anyone with a lived experience of misogyny, as well as bridging the gap between international and domestic students by acknowledging and appreciating their differences. I am running as OGC with STAR because I believe that it will provide me with a platform to nurture an environment that is welcoming, inclusive and encourages everybody to do their best.

Similar to many students, I started off my time at UWA nervous to attend events or join any Clubs. I found it difficult to get involved in our campus culture.

I am currently in my second year studying Marketing. This year, I made it a goal to become more involved, so I joined ECOMS and the Ethnocultural Department as Marketing Officer & Director respectively.

My passions lie in helping students adjust to UWA and bridging the gap of inequality in our society, by connecting students of all cultural backgrounds. I believe my voice on Guild Council will foster a culture of togetherness and collaboration to address issues impacting students on campus, from food insecurity to reporting procedures.

I am running for OGC with STAR because our Guild needs to be activated, it needs to be home for all students; one which seeks you out, not the other way around.

Currently, I am part of the International Student Department, Student Ambassador Leadership Program, and UWA Cheer and Dance. With leadership experiences here and back home, I strongly believe that I possess the necessary skills, passion, and determination for the OGC role representing STAR.

As a person of colour studying in a foreign country that is mainly white dominated, I aim to create a more inclusive university environment where everyone is able to interact with each other without feeling like they are out of place. Although UWA has made efforts to ensure everyone feels welcomed, I strongly believe that with STAR, a more impactful effort can be delivered where no segregation amongst the students is seen.

I have a vision to create a more inclusive society where events and programmes are organised for all students to take part in where students of colour, locals and non-locals can all take part in.

My journey at UWA started in 2019 as a student, however it was only in 2020 when I started getting involved with the Guild. At first, I was very sceptical, however joining the Guild was the best thing I could have done for my personal development.

I strongly believe that joining clubs and the Guild is one of the best things that UWA offers in comparison to other universities.

In 2021, I was the Women of Colour Collective Convenor for the Women’s Department and the Urban Forest Lead for the Environment department. I am currently the Campaigns Director for the Ethnocultural department which has educated me about global crises, which I can represent as an OGC. I am forever grateful to students within STAR who introduced me to the Guild, and I would love to see more people get involved a highlight of the UWA experience.

Keeping up with study workload, managing commitments, and integrating yourself in campus culture feels impossible. Like many first year students, my uni experience has been a roller coaster.

Currently, I am part of the CHeMnBiO and Science Union (Education portfolio) committee as a Fresher Representative, studying Biomedicine/Optometry. My experience amongst both, and working with several STAR student representatives this year has helped me develop an understanding on how a student body can enact change.

As an OGC, I have a vision to:

- Change our summer school program by adding more options for core units; a split of study load, reducing stress.

- Provide an inclusive & diverse environment at UWA by celebrating more cultural festivities.

- Engage more students with the Guild. Our campus has more to offer than just a degree. A STAR-led Guild will engage more students to make memories here that will last a lifetime.

National representation is now more important than ever, with the world continuously evolving post-Covid-19. It is vital that we learn from other campuses across Australia and further collaborate to solve problems. I am passionate about advocating for student rights within UWA and across the country. Collaboration between universities is a great way to share ideas and come together to campaign against serious issues such as university funding and course cuts.

In 2014, students campaigned against $100k degrees, and we fought together united as a progressive community to ensure education remains accessible. As a STAR candidate for NUS Representative, I will be present and collaborative with student representatives from every state to independently represent your interests. My experience as the ALVA President this year has shown how important it is for active representation to be consistent within our Guild.

University is such a significant part of our lives, we are preparing for the workforce and sadly many students do not take this chance to prepare themselves and take on opportunities which ready them for a career path they are truly passionate about.

Being involved in university committees and becoming a UniMentor has shown me the lack of guidance that students receive. As an NUS Representative with STAR, I aim to connect students with universities inter-state to make the most of their time at UWA.

In addition, the attacks on our education have been significant, so are issues like abortion rights and climate change, and as your representative, I aim to highlight the importance of addressing these issues nationally, so students feel support by their Guild and national union. STAR is a progressive community of students who advocate for marginalised communities, values which I uphold and cherish.

The tertiary education sphere has, unfortunately, fostered a culture where student learning is so packed, leaving no feasible time to even appreciate and understand the value of activism.

The NUS has cultivated a space for student activism, specifically for campaign work, to which I would love to contribute.

The campaigns I have run as Access Co-Officer this year are advocating for Access UWA Student voting rights in Guild elections; partnering up with Western Australia for a Human Rights Act campaign; working with UniAccess to implement a wider distribution of sharps bins, sanitary bins in all toilets and demanding for more medical waste bins and specifically working with the NUS to campaign against the Student Learning Entitlement.

In 2023, I want to continue campaigning with the NUS on these issues and also advocate and implement a loan program with Student Assist for students who cannot afford the diagnosis of learning disabilities.

As it stands, women’s issues are continuously evolving and changing in the current climate. It has become more challenging than ever to keep up with day to day trends that would keep student competent and relevant within the University Industry.

As a Muslim Hijabi from an ethnic background, my experiences are built around helping my community thrive in an unfair world that allows for vulnerable females to fall through the cracks. I would like my voice to be heard with the wealth of experiences and culutral background I bring to the table.

I would like to push the efforts surrounding diverse student representation and welfare to the NUS stage. I would like to work together through dialogue and ideas to work towards a more innovate National Student Union in Australia. I look forward to achieving this through being voted in as STAR’s NUS representative.

For an international student, choosing a country as their destination for university education, and effectively investing 3 years of time, money and more is a huge commitment, and one of the most crucial decisions they have to take in life. With that in mind, I believe representing UWA on a national level, speaking for our educational rights, responsibilities and vision is something I find myself to be very passionate about.

I wish to convey what the UWA community means to all students alike, and how we can better that, from an international standpoint. Being top 100 globally, and a Group of 8 university at Australia, UWA has a lot to offer in many different aspects, but there is always potential to learn from other Australian campuses, and as a STAR candidate for National Union of Students Representative, I get the perfect platform to enable that!

In the post-COVID era, the way students learn, connect and become enacted into the workplace will see new deviations from what is current. Therefore, I believe that representing UWA on a national level with a voice that will be for all of us, as students, on the topic of welfare is pivotal to account for this new generation of change. I am incredibly passionate about being able to be this medium that propagates all of our voices to find innovative ways to ensure all students have a home and are healthy and prosperous.

Unfortunately, the NUS conferences often disregard this vital topic of welfare. As your STAR NUS candidate, I seek to bring your voices together and ensure improvement in students' well-being is always sought after. After all, without the roots of a healthy mind and body, it's difficult for the branches of work, socialising and studying to nurture.