This year, the Guild Council committed to trying new ways to communicate our publicly available budget to students. Here’s a break-down of how the Guild spent our operating profit this year (SSAF + commercial profits).

Welfare, Support & Engagement is one of the Guild’s key services, and we’re proud of how much of an impact we make in this space. How much of an impact? An awful lot – take a look below:

Bokeh Plot
What do each of these categories mean?

Student Advocacy

Annual elections, funding for Guild Departments (e.g. Access, Sports, and PSA), and national affiliations (NUS, CAPA, CISA).

Student Clubs & Societies

Clubs and societies are the lifeblood of our campus, and we make sure they are properly funded with grants, infrastructure support, and training.

Social and Cultural Activities & Events

Managing and supporting club events, running O-Day, Guild Volunteering, and Guild Events.

Welfare, Support & Engagement

Student assist financial, welfare, and academic case support, emergency grants and loans, the Guild Student Centre, and our publications such as Pelican!

Catering Services

Provision of cheap meals and extended café hours!

Survey and Feedback

Annual services and amenities surveys and student feedback.


10% discount on all food and drink, and 25% discount on coffee and hot beverages.