Academic Support

UWA has taken on board the Guild’s feedback around the special consideration system, and this semester is allowing students to self-declare special consideration for up to 14 days without a medical certificate.

To do so, head to the special consideration website and fill out the form here. Make sure you include all of the assessable items you wish to receive special consideration for, and then submit it online.

This applies to all assessable items, so anything that contributes to your mark for the unit (including tutorial participation). The extension will apply from the original due date.

If your circumstances have impacted your study for more than 14 days, you should apply through the usual special consideration process.

This semester UWA has implemented an opt-in Ungraded Pass system for undergraduate coursework units. On completing your units and receiving your grades, you can either choose to take the grade as you usually would (thereby impacting your WAM or GPA), or take an Ungraded Pass (which does not impact WAM or GPA). You will be able to do this on a unit-by-unit basis.

For more information, including whether the Ungraded Pass applies to your postgraduate course, head to UWA’s Exams & Assessment FAQ.

The Ungraded Pass option is available for coursework units within an Honours sequence, but not for the research project itself, that is the dissertation units. As Honours is often a highly competitive pathway to a Higher Degree by Research (HDR), we need to maintain the mark on the research project itself. If you were to take an ungraded pass in any of your coursework units in your honours sequence, this will place more emphasis on the grade you achieve in your dissertation for your final honours mark. In recognition of circumstances, however, we have lifted the normal Two-Semester time-limit on completing the research element of your Honours. If you think you are going to need to take more than two Semesters to complete your dissertation, please contact your Honour supervisor in the first instance.

More information here.

Higher Degree Research (HDR) students have raised a number of issues with us. These include concerns about candidature and scholarships, extensions to milestones and alternative arrangements for students with placements as part of their degree.

The Graduate Research School has created an FAQ page here to address your concerns.

For information on online exams, including questions about Examplify and privacy, head to the UWA Exams FAQ.

The Online Exam Support page provides information on:

  • Preparing for online exams
  • Guides to Examplify, including a step-by-step walkthrough and a troubleshooting guide
  • ExamSoft agreement and privacy notice documents
  • Troubleshooting and technical FAQs

If you need help with online exams, you can get in touch with the library as [email protected]

Students will have the option to opt-out of using Examplify if they have privacy concerns. The application form for this will be distributed via email soon.

If you choose to opt-out, you will need to complete an in-person exam at a later date. Currently, the date at which you will be able to do this can’t be guaranteed due to ongoing restrictions. If semester 1 is your final semester, alternative arrangements will be made to ensure you can graduate on time.

Currently the census date is set for April 5. If you withdraw from your units before then, you won’t receive an academic or financial penalty. You can withdraw online via your Student Connect.

To withdraw after the census date, you will need to request a Change of Enrolment form from your Student Advising Office or Student Administration via email. You will be financially liable for these emails.

The academic withdrawal date has now been moved back to May 29. If you withdraw before this date, there will be no impact on your WAM or GPA. However, you will be financially liable for these units and they will appear on your academic transcript.

To withdraw after the academic withdrawal date, you will have to request a Change of Enrolment form from your Student Advisory Office or Student Administration. You will be financially liable for these units and you will receive a fail grade of FN for the unit.

If you withdraw after these dates, you can still try to waive the academic and financial consequences. To be eligible for a fee remittance, there must have been special circumstances which:

  • Were beyond your control;
  • Did not make their full impact on you until on or after the census date, and
  • Made it impracticable for you to complete the requirements of your course.

You can apply for a remission of fees here.

To apply to remove the unit from your record, you will need to undertake the special consideration process.

If you need any help with these processes, feel free to reach out to our Student Assist officers at [email protected]. Remember, you have the right to request a review if your application is denied.

If you are having difficulties with online learning due to a disability or an ongoing/chronic circumstances, make sure you contact UniAccess. If you have any trouble accessing this help, let us know.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from students who have purchased parking permits and are unable to use them. We are in regular discussion with UWA on the issue of parking refunds. Currently, the University is working hard to assist students in immediate emergency need. The Guild will be in discussion with the University in due course on how best to address parking refunds.

Many students have contacted us asking for a discount on tuition fees this semester. We are taking this feedback on board and will be in discussion with the University on this topic in the coming weeks.

Many of you have expressed concern about the potential quality of online learning this semester, particularly in units that have not delivered online units before. Others are in units which require face to face interaction to meet the learning outcomes of your subjects.

As the semester progresses, it will become clear if there is a basis to ask for a fee discount. We encourage all students to take note of online delivery that has been unsatisfactory, so that you can proceed on an individual basis should a blanket discount not arise.

We would also encourage students to raise these issues with unit coordinators to help them improve their online delivery.

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from international students concerned that they won’t be able to continue with their study in semester two should the borders remained closed. We are in daily contact with the Chancellery, and have passed on all of these concerns. We will update you as soon as we have an answer.

Yes, international students are able to reduce their study loads. You will need to request this through AskUWA. Your Student Office will then work with you on the request and revised study plan. A new Confirmation of Enrolment will still need to be issued for a future visa application if the variation requires additional time to complete your course.

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from international students concerned that they won’t be able to continue with their study in semester two should the borders remained closed.

On April 23, UWA announced that Semester 2 will begin as scheduled on Monday 27 July. It will be fully available in online mode, including assessments and exams. Should social distancing restrictions ease and students are able to return to campus, your units will continue to be available online for students who can’t get to campus.

Financial Support

We are aware there are some students that are unable to participate fully now that classes have moved online. The University has set up a loan system for laptops and WiFi dongles. To access this, please get in touch here.

Unfortunately, there is no Government support for international students at this point. We have been in conversation with the University about supporting international students experiencing financial hardship, and they have now created a financial hardship fund. You can find out how to access this here.

Student Assist have put together a guide to all the financial support options available to UWA students. You can read it here.

If you need help navigating the Centrelink system, reach out to our Student Assist Officers at [email protected].

Food Support

The welfare packages are a joint initiative between UWA and the Guild. These will have a variety of pantry and personal hygiene products. There will also be gift cards available for students who live outside of the metro area. If you’re in need of support, please email [email protected].

Student Assist have out together a comprehensive list of everywhere you can get food and emergency support from, should you need it. It's split into north and south of the river, so you can find the services closest to you!

Check it out here.

Housing Support

Please note: This FAQ page is to provide general information that is not intended to provide or represent legal advice.

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· (while this is a NSW webpage, much of it applies to WA)

On the 29th March, the Prime Minister announced that the States and Territories had agreed to a moratorium on at least some evictions. It is still unclear how this will apply to residential tenancies in Western Australia.

  • Keep your landlord or rental agent in the loop
  • Be transparent about your situation
  • Get anything you agree in writing
  • Be reasonable about what you’re asking
  • Get some independent advice

You can find atemplate for a request for rent reduction at the Tenancy WA website.

The policy on refunds varies by college. If you need support, contact the Residential Students Department at [email protected].

The Tenant’s Union recommends the following courses of action:

  1. As soon as possible seek to negotiate with your landlord for a waiver of any board or rent covering the period of your absence due to the travel ban. As well as being the decent thing to do, it may also be in their commercial interest to avoid missing out on your contract entirely if the ban prevents significant numbers of people starting their studies this year.
  2. Contact your local Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Service for assistance in negotiating with your landlord if your own efforts come to nothing – Again the rules may be different for different kinds of landlord or renting agreement.
  3. Ensure you know your rights regarding any items left behind. See our factsheet on goods left behind.
  4. You cannot be evicted from your housing unless the landlord follows the proper legal process. See our factsheet on evictions.
  5. If your housing provider has a relationship with your educational institution, contact your student association or university housing officer (where there is one) for assistance, given the Task force chair’s comments reported here.
Contact your student association and tell them about your experience. For the Guild, this means emailing [email protected].


You may be able to access the following benefits:

  • JobKeeper: If you’re a part time worker or casual employee that has been stood down or had your hours reduced, you could be eligible to receive a minimum fortnightly payment of $1500 before tax from your employer. Casual employees must have worked for their employer for a minimum of 12 months to be eligible. Find out more here.
  • JobSeeker: This is intended to assist those who are looking for work. The Government has temporarily wived waiting periods and expanded eligibility for the payment.
  • Youth Allowance: This is an income supplement for job seekers aged 16 – 21, or full time students or apprentices under the age of 25. If you’ve lost your job or casual shifts and you meet the age requirements, you may be able to access this payment.
  • Coronavirus supplement: This is an additional $550 for those who are already on welfare payments. It will automatically be applied on 27th April

Should you receive either the JobSeeker or Youth Allowance payments, you will also be eligible for a $550 fortnightly increase due to the Coronavirus Supplement, or be eligible for a $750 Econmic Support payment.

You can check the Centrelink payment finder here.

You can check out this fact sheet here:


Check out the Welfare Department's Guide to Coronavirus!