July 14, 2021

Guild Guide Part 1: Getting Started

The UWA Student Guild is run by students, for students, and exists to make sure you have the best university experience possible. We provide our members with events, opportunities, support, discounts, student advocacy and a bloody good feed on campus (if we do say so ourselves).

Want to know more? Explore our website to find out!

Getting started with the Guild

Joining the Guild is free, yes, FREE.

Your Guild sticker is the key to accessing everything the Guild has to offer. Make sure you’ve ticked YES to being a member on studentConnect when you enrol, and then head to the Guild Student Centre (GSC) opposite Student Central in Guild Village to pick up your membership sticker!

At the GSC you can also:

  • Collect a FREE Student Diary & wall planner
  • Pick up equipment hired out through LibCal
  • Pick up clubroom keys
  • Check on your lost property (all lost property handed in on campus will eventually make its way here!)
  • Borrow a calculator for an exam or test
  • Ask for directions to pretty much anywhere on campus
  • Find out more info on the Guild, and our departments and services
  • Drop off club posters to be displayed
  • Sign out table tennis equipment to play a set or 2 on the tables at James Oval

Not sure who to ask about something, or where to go? The GSC is the best place on campus to start 😊

Cool things you can get with a Guild membership:

DISCOUNTS on food, drink, entertainment and heaps more at UWA and across Perth (check out uwastudentguild.com/discounts for a full list!). There’s almost 100 places your Guild membership can save you some moolah, so go nuts!

The sweet Guild discounts apply at all of our food outlets across UWA campuses:

  • Hackett Café in Hackett Hall
  • Quobba Gnarning in Reid Library
  • Catalyst Café in the Barry J Marshall Library
  • Business School Cafe in the Business School
  • UWA Tavern next to the Refectory
  • Dentistry Kiosk at the Oral Health Centre.

At cafes you’ll get up to a huge 25% off on coffees and hot drinks, plus 10% off on everything else. At the Tav, you’ll get 10% off on specials!

A FREE GUILD DIARY full of maps, contacts, important dates on campus, vouchers and more PLUS free semester wall planner.

FREE or discounted entry to Guild events like Chili Fest, End of Semester parties, Oktoberfest, Guild Ball, movie nights and heaps more!

Access to STUDENT ASSIST – providing free academic, financial and welfare assistance and advice whenever you need it.


  • We’ve got over 160 Guild-affiliated clubs and societies at UWA – there’s a club for just about anything you can think of, and if one doesn’t exist then we can help you start one! 
  • Boost that LinkedIn profile by getting involved in committees, clubs and Faculty Societies – it’s a great way to develop leadership skills and rack up those all-important endorsements.
  • You'll also get mates rates on membership for Guild clubs and societies. 

GUILD WEEKLY – our weekly e-newsletter keeps you up-to-date on everything you need to know about what’s happening on campus. Events, news, notices, food specials and more – it’s all in there! We also send out fortnightly newsletters for our international and postgraduate students.

Becoming a Guild member also supports our many services and initiatives for minority groups and the entire student body of UWA, including representation and advocacy through our student Departments!

Guild Departments

The Student Departments and the representatives who run them each year do a lot of legwork to bring you relevant, useful information, events and opportunities, as well as advocating for students in minority groups and the rights of the student body as a whole. They sit on Guild Council, our committees and the University Senate and working groups to make sure the student voice is heard at all levels.

Check out the Guild Departments here!


The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is a fee charged each semester you are enrolled. The SSAF funds a lot of the services available at UWA, like UWA Sport, Student Wellbeing, CAPS, and us! The Guild receives 50% of the SSAF, and all our funding goes straight back into things that help YOU as a student, and helps make all our awesome events, services and governance happen.

Follow the link below for a breakdown of how we use your SSAF:

NUS and the Guild

The National Union of Students (NUS) is the peak representative body for tertiary students in Australia, with 18 universities affiliated across the country. Established in 1987, the NUS advocates for accessible and equitable education and welfare system for all. The on-going role is advocacy, lobbying, organising National Days of Action around a variety of issues (like climate action and sexual assault), and supporting campus office bearers in their roles. The NUS also commissions a number of research papers to substantiate campaigns and effectively lobby for change.

UWA is proud to be affiliated to the NUS. We have a strong history of being involved in the NUS, with a number of UWA students on the National Executive in recent years. Every year the UWA Student Guild sends seven elected delegates to the NUS National Conference to move and debate important policies for the NUS to implement. We also send students to a number of other conferences run by the NUS, such as Education Conference where attendees debate and reform our campus education goals, and present workshops to other universities on how to improve their campus experience.

This is Part 1 of our Guild Guide for those new to UWA (or just those who are looking for a little more info about us!) – head to Part 2 for more info about Guild Services!