July 9, 2021

Guild Guide Part 6: Meet Your Student Reps

Finding OBs

Below is a list of your 2021 Guild Office Bearers, their email, and a short description of their portfolio to help you decide which OB is best to direct your concerns or questions to.

Note: positions in italics are members of the Guild Executive and so can talk to you about more general topics relating to the Guild as well as their portfolio.

Emma Mezger: Guild President 

[email protected]

The Guild President oversees the running of the Guild and represent the student voice to the university, including at the University Senate. They work closely with the other Office Bearers to improve all aspects of student life at uni, including your educational experience, equity, welfare, and co-curricular activities and opportunities.

Jameson Thompson: Vice-President

[email protected] 
The Guild Vice President assists the President in performing their duties. As a member of the executive team, the Vice President is responsible for the ongoing management of the Guild. James also chairs the Guild's Corporate Services Committee.

Dauda (Daj) Janneh: General Secretary

[email protected] 
The General Secretary takes on the role of both a secretary and a treasurer for the Guild. The Gen Sec sits on several Committees, publishes agendas, and composes minutes for Guild Councils, and is involved in organising the Guild's budget at both the start and middle of the year. Daj also chairs the Guild's Catering and Tavern Committee which oversees food & drink on campus.

Brehany Shanahan: Chair of Guild Council

[email protected] 
The Chair is responsible for chairing all meetings of the Guild Council and Governance Committee. The Chair also presides over the regulations and by-laws of the Guild, ensuring that the Statute Book is constantly reviewed, and that Guild members and Departments remain compliant. Brehany also chairs the Guild's Student Services Committee and the Election Culture Working Group.

April Htun: Education Council President

[email protected]

Education Council consists of representatives from all Faculty Societies (FacSocs), Guild Departments and an elected Education Council Committee, providing a forum to address issues affecting students across campus, and off campus, at both a local and a national level. Ed Council also oversees the lobbying of Faculties, the University, and State and Federal Governments to give students a voice on their education issues. Campaigns are run on campus through the Education Action Network (EAN). 

Eleanor White: Societies Council President 

[email protected]
The Societies Council (SOC) provides support, funding, and training for Guild-affiliated student-run clubs and societies on campus. SOC also hosts major events like Club Carnival, and manages club tenancies including rooms, lockers and mailboxes. 

Chloe Kam: Public Affairs Council President

[email protected]
The Public Affairs Council (PAC) is dedicated to providing students with events that promote community involvement and awareness of social & political issues. PAC provides Guild-affiliated clubs with arts, culture, faith, performance, political, and volunteering opportunities to ensure that campus life is vibrant and fun!

Joseph Chan: Postgraduate Students' Association President

[email protected]
The PSA is the representative body for all postgraduate students at UWA. Every postgraduate is automatically a member of the PSA upon enrolment – including both Coursework and Research students. The PSA’s core functions are representation, advocacy and providing services to postgraduate students. The PSA also organises a number of informative and social events throughout the year to foster a sense of community among postgraduates.

Lily Hayward: Chair of the Western Australian Student Aboriginal Corporation

[email protected]
WASAC represents Indigenous students at UWA and to promote cultural awareness on campus. WASAC works closely with the School of Indigenous Studies to provide a range of social events to build relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students at UWA.

Floretta Susilo: Women's Officer 

[email protected]
The Women's Department exists to represent women and non-binary students on campus. A key role of the Women's Officer is working to make our campus safer, and to advocate for women and non-binary students at a university level. The Department looks after the Women's Room in the Guild building as well as producing resources, and running campaigns and fun events to foster a community amongst female and non-binary students. The Department also publishes the on-campus magazine Damsel annually, with contributions from women and non-binary students across campus. Floretta also chairs the Guild's Equity and Diversity Committee.

Amitabh Jeganathan: Welfare Officer

[email protected]
The Welfare Department is responsible for events, campaigns and initiatives relating to student welfare. This includes all aspects affecting the student experience such as mental health, financial stress and security on campus. The Welfare Department is involved with initiatives like the free Food Pantry for students in need, mental health workshops and Welfare Week each semester. Amitabh also chairs the Guild's Welfare and Advocacy Committee.

James Haley: Environment Officer 

[email protected]
The Environment Department works towards developing a campus culture that values and applies sustainable practices. The activities, campaigns, and events run all aim to inspire new perspectives on what it means to live sustainably and resourcefully. 

Vaishnavi RN: Residential Students' Department President 

[email protected]
The Residential Students’ Department is the peak representative body for students living on-campus in one of the five residential colleges. RSD exists as a conduit between the University, the Guild and the colleges, as well as between the colleges themselves. They aim to create a more vibrant and inclusive community across college row, with a greater participatory culture, by hosting a range of cultural and social events for the college community.

Abdul Rahman Abdul Rahim: International Students' Department President 

[email protected] 
ISD represents the international contingent of the student body at UWA, and acts as an umbrella organisation for international students' associations and clubs on campus. ISD is the peak student body representing international students at UWA and acts as an umbrella organisation for smaller international students’ associations and clubs on campus. 

Viknash VM: Mature Aged Students' Association Chair

[email protected]

MASA facilitates an environment in which mature age students can provide and receive support from one another. This is fostered through a mix of social and informative events, where individuals can meet other students in similar circumstances.

Access Department

Lucinda Thai-LeTran: Access Department Co-Officer
[email protected] 
William Norrish: Access Department Co-Officer 
[email protected] 
The Access Department represents UWA students who have lived experiences with disability, medical conditions and mental health, and students currently in a carer's role. The department aims to raise awareness and create an accessible, inclusive community for all students at UWA. Check out the Access Discord server here: https://discord.gg/hdJZKjN

Pride Department

Avery Wright: Pride Department Co-Officer 
[email protected] 
Alkasim Ghanim: Pride Department Co-Officer 
[email protected] 
Pride promotes the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer students at UWA through regular social activities, notices, and activism. The department aims to raise awareness and create a community for LGBT+ students at the University. Pride also publishes the on-campus magazine Outspoken annually, with contributions from students across campus.

Thomas Cotter: Sports Representative

[email protected] | Bob Nicholson Room
The Sports Representative is responsible for co-ordinating and organising sporting events and activities of the Guild. They sit on Guild Council, advising on, and implementing, and reporting on relevant policy for Guild sporting activities and sporting-related issues. The Sports Representative also supports and co-ordinates Interfaculty Sport each week as well as the sporting-related activities of Faculty Societies, UWA Sport, and Guild-affiliated clubs. 

Ethnocultural Collective

Ridhima Vinayachandran: Ethnocultural Co-Convenor 
[email protected] 

Christopher-John Daudu: Ethnocultural Co-Convenor 
[email protected]
The Ethnocultural Collective acts as a representative voice for culturally and linguistically diverse students to the Guild Council. They run events and initiatives to ensure that these students are included at university, and to celebrate cultural diversity.

Position Name
Vice-President Jameson Thompson
General Secretary Dauda (Daj) Janneh
Chair of Guild Council Brehany Shanahan
Education Council President April Htun
Societies Council President Eleanor White
Public Affairs Council President Chloe Kam
Postgraduate Students' Association Joseph Chan
Chair of the Western Australian Student Aboriginal Corporation Lily Hayward
Women's Officer Floretta Susilo
Welfare Officer Amitabh Jeganathan
Environment Officer James Haley
Residential Students' Department President Vaishnavi RN
International Students' Department President Abdul Rahman Adbdul Rahim
Mature Aged Students' Association Chair Viknash VM
Access Department Co-Officer Lucinda Thai-LeTran
Access Department Co-Officer William Norrish
Pride Department Co-Officer Avery Wright
Pride Department Co-Officer Alkasim Ghanim
Sports Representative Thomas Cotter
Ethnocultural Co-Convenor Ridhima Vinayachandran
Ethnocultural Co-Convenor Christopher-John Daudu