Safe On Campus: UWA At Night Map and Information



  • Use the + / – buttons on the top left of the map to enlarge an area, if using a phone you can also place two fingers on the map and slowing move apart/together to zoom in and out
  • Click  any of the icons to find out what they are and for a brief description


Walksafe Pathway

Walksafe Pathways are UWA’s designated  well lit and cleared pathways through the campus, try to use these whenever possible after dark.

Help Point 

For emergency and non-emergency use, press the button to connect straight through to UWA Security to ask directions, arrange an escort and/or seek immediate assistance.

Boom Gate 

Primarily for approved vehicle  entry onto campus, these can also be used as extra Help Points (ie. connecting straight through to UWA Security for emergency and non-emergency purposes).

Key Icons v2-03

Dark  Area 

No lighting/very dark after sunset, avoid these areas if at all possible.

Poorly Lit Area 

Limited lighting/dark after sunset,  avoid these areas if at all possible.

Well Lit Carpark 

These carparks have decent lighting throughout, move your car to one of these if you’ll be on campus after dark.

UWA Security  Office

If you suspect you are being followed

  • Be suspicious – keep looking behind you, so the person knows you cannot be surprised
  • Cross the street or change direction
  • Go to a well-lit area, enter a residence or building – go to a library or where there are people and phones
  • Approach a Security or Traffic Officer and request assistance
  • Phone for an Security escort
  • Notice and remember as much as possible
  • Report any incidents to the UWA Security immediately

UWA Security

The UWA Security  Office is staffed 24 hours/day, 365 days/year – even during the holiday shutdown period.

Do you know what a Help Point looks like? – Click here to see a photo!


Emergencies include any time where you feel threatened/unsafe, feel you are at risk or you/someone near you is injured and are in need of immediate assistance.

  • Call (08) 6488-2222 (or  x2222 from a UWA landline)
  • Press the red or blue button at a Help Point
  • Press the  button at the Boom Gate

All UWA security officers are trained in emergency first-response and we treat all emergencies with the highest priority (they will endeavour to be on site within 5 minutes of receiving an emergency call).  

If the emergency requires an ambulance or medical attention, call 000 – the operator will be able to give instructions on how best to assist the person in need.  St. John Ambulance will then contact our security department for the best point of entry onto the campus.

Non – Emergencies

Non-emergencies include non-life threatening situations, asking for directions/information, arranging a security escort or notifying/reporting to security a non-immediate threat or risk.

  • Call (08) 6488 3020  (or  x3020 from a UWA landline)
  • e-Mail
  • Press the red or blue button at a Help Point
  • Press the  button at the Boom Gate

Security Escort

You can contact UWA Security via any of the options listed under Non-Emergencies to  arrange for an escort anywhere on campus (eg. to carparks, buildings, bus stops, taxi stands etc.) or to nearby nearby student accommodation (ie. colleges). Please contact Security 30 minutes before you would like a escort to better coordinate the security officers.  They will endeavour to escort you at your requested time, but need an extra  5 – 10 minutes depending on what else is happening on campus. 

  • Violence and abuse are not tolerated within the UWA  community.  If you feel threatened, in danger, or are a victim or witness of violence, contact  Security immediately. The University urges you to report any violence or harassment via the online forms below. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.Experienced Harassment Witnessed Harassment
  • Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) is the emergency sexual assault (rape crisis) service for Perth, Western Australia. They have a 24 hour contact line (08) 9340 1828 (with Crisis Telephone Counselling 8.30am – 11.00pm) as well as a free call 1800 199 888 line.
    SARC Website
  • As with any public space there is a risk of theft on campus, so take precautions: 1. Don’t leave  your phone, bag, laptop and/or valuables  unattended, if you have to leave the area (ie. go to the bathroom) take them with you 2. Lock up your car, wind up your windows and ensure that no valuables can be seen from outside the car 3. Secure bicycles to on campus bike racks.
    Report A Theft
    • If you’re getting picked up – either by a Taxi, Uber or a family member/friend – make sure you wait somewhere that is well lit
    • Check the photo of the taxi driver and/or the license plate matches your Uber
    • Move your car to the closest car park so you don’t have to walk through the campus at night (or all the way to the pit) – all yellow and red bays are free to park in from 5pm to 8am
    • Know the location of the nearest telephone and/or have both UWA Security numbers programmed into your mobile contacts
    • Be aware of your surroundings – don’t have music turned up loudly/don’t wear both headphones, look behind as well as the path in front
    • If working late in an office or lab, lock your office/lab and building door if possible and don’t leave external doors propped open
    • Have your car keys ready before exiting your building and make sure to check the back seat before getting in
    • if someone tries to enter your vehicle while you are in the driver’s seat – drive off immediately, if you cannot drive away, use your horn to draw attention to what is happening
    • A taxi may be called from the Security Office, at no cost, as Security have a direct line to the taxi computer
    • If you are catching a bus, check the timetable before leaving so that you are not waiting at the bus stop for long periods
    • Select a well-lit bus stop at night and make sure you can see the area around you
    • Walk in well-lit areas and try avoid alleys or less-travelled routes between buildings and avoid bushy areas
    • If you’re going to be staying late on campus, try and check the route you will take in daylight
    • Stay back regularly? Vary your route each evening – don’t set a pattern
    • Try to walk with a group of people

Submit location updates, map feedback and safety tips  via our online feedback form.


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