The freshers’ guide to food on campus

New to UWA and wondering where the best places to eat are? The Guild’s General Secretary, Adhish Kastha, brings you some top tips in this blog post…

UWA has a lot of great places to eat and drink. Here are a few of my favourites to help get you through the day:

Best coffee: Quobba Gnarning Café. Special mention to Catalyst Café for their cold brew!

Breakfast and brunch: Hackett Café has cheap hot breakfasts until 12pm every day. The budget breakfast is less than $5, not to mention delicious eggs Benedict for just $8!

Lunch and dinner: My go to has got to be the UWA Tavern – cheap pizzas, nuggets and chips all day, and you can enjoy a cheeky drink with your mates too.

Healthy options: Hackett Café has a great salad bar.

Breakfast and coffee
Breakfast at Hackett Cafe

Late night feeds: Quobba Gnarning is open until 8pm during the week, and until midnight during exams.

Best Asian-style food: Guild Village Café – there is a great range of curries and stir fries.

What’s not to love about food and drink at UWA? With five new outlets opening in the Ref early this semester, there’s about to be a whole world of choice at uni!

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Find opening hours and locations of our food & drink spots on campus here!

Posted on February 20, 2019


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