Notice of changes to Guild Election regulations 2019

The Election Culture Working Group report was accepted today at council, and the following motions based on the working group’s recommendations were passed:

  1. Subject to approval processes outlined under Statute 20, The Guild Council amends Election Regulation 622(3) to:
    1. A Group shall not print more than the equivalent of 180 A4 pages of Election Material per aligned candidate and 4,000 A4 pages in total.
    2. Notwithstanding regulation 622(3)(a), each unaligned candidate or Group shall be entitled to print a minimum of the equivalent of 500 A4 pages of Election Material.
  2. Subject to approval processes outlined under Statute 20, the Guild Council amends Election Regulation 614(12) to: A person nominated as a candidate may withdraw their Nomination by lodging a notice of withdrawal with the Returning Officer until the ballot draw occurs.
  3. The Guild Council directs management to:
    1. Set up a process for students to log grievances for breaches of the Charter of Student Rights to be assessed b management and referred to the Discipline Committee after the election. Candidates will be informed as soon as practicable when a serious complaint is lodged against them.
    2. Disseminate information before the election that include:
      1. What the Guild is?
      2. What to expect from elections?
      3. How, where and when to vote?
      4. Links to the policy platforms of all parties.
      5. Expectations of candidates and grievance procedures.
    3. Run an information and training sessions for all candidates and encourage candidates to attend.
  4. The Guild Council advises the WAEC and the Returning Officer to alter the exclusion zone of the Reid booth will include a walkway for students to walk through campus along Saw Promenade.
  5. The Guild Council accepts the Election Timetable, as amended. (the timetable was amended to include the extension of the withdrawal period, and the introduction of a lunch break).

As an ordinary member of the Guild, you are entitled to have the resolution considered at a general meeting of the Guild, subject to fifteen members giving notice to that effect within 14 days of the date of posting on the noticeboard. If you are concerned about these regulation changes, please email the General Secretary at

Posted on June 21, 2019


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