My Health Record: Should you opt out?

The Government is introducing a new online health information system called My Health Record. Find out what this means for you.

You have until Thursday 15 November 2018 to opt out if you DON’T want your data to be stored online in the new My Health Record system. Otherwise, a record will automatically be created for you. So the Guild Welfare Department has gathered some info to help you make an informed decision!

– All your health information will be kept in one place
– Healthcare providers will easily be able to access your key health information in an emergency
– You will be able to choose what can be accessed or make your entire record private
– Your healthcare will be better connected, and you won’t have to provide your medical history each time you visit a new healthcare provider

– If you’re under 18, your parents may have access to your medical records
– A healthcare provider may be able to access medical records you did not intend for them to see, and prescription information could give away your diagnoses
– No electronic system can be guaranteed to be fail-safe

Head to the My Health Record website   and check out what Consumers of Mental Health WA has to say about it  for different perspectives.

If you get a My Health Record, you can de-register at any time and healthcare providers will not be able to access your information, but your record won’t be deleted.

If you opt out of having a record automatically created, you will be able to register for a record if you decide you want one in future.

So think carefully about this, and if you decide you don’t want a record, make sure to   opt out here  by Thursday 15 November.

Posted on September 14, 2018


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