Executive Registration Form

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So you’ve been elected an Executive member of your club? Congratulations!

It’s very important that you let us know who you are and what your position is. Then we can make sure that the relevant Executive Members receive important emails, have access to clubrooms, can utilise mailboxes and bank accounts, and so on.

ALL member of the club executive sign a Executive Registration Form. This is submitted in hard copy to Guild Finance.

It is a condition of affiliation to the Guild that this form is submitted within one month after any change of executive, or after an AGM is held. Ideally, you should complete this form immediately after an election.

All executives MUST be enrolled students and members of the UWA Student Guild throughout their term.

The Executive Registration Form is required annually by Guild Regulations 10.1.5 and 10.1.9 and will also give your club’s Executive Members access to your Guild Banking Account.

ORIGINAL copies of this form must be submitted to Guild Finance. Scans and photocopies will NOT be accepted.


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