Guild Alumni

For more than a century, dedicated student representatives have sat on the Council of the UWA Student Guild (formerly Guild of Undergraduates): advocating for student interests and nourishing a world-class student experience.

Time on Guild Council (filled with long meetings, heated debates and ultimately, the thrill of achieving change) has no doubt held members in good stead as they’ve gone on to become distinguished members of the community, making their mark in business, government, education and the not-for-profit sector.

In 2017, we are proud to be launching an official community for past members of Guild Council.

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By joining the Alumni community, you’ll receive invitations to exclusive networking events and a closed LinkedIn group, as well as occasional updates and key strategic insights from the Guild. This community will enable you to reconnect with old friends, connect with those who followed in your footsteps or paved your path, and impart your wisdom to the current generation of young leaders.

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1 Jan

The Guild Council met twice in June. Check out this update from Conrad to see read about what went on.
1 Jan